Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Commanding Cap Clutter

Does anyone else have a "cap" problem? By cap problem, I mean a husband with too many caps and no place to put them? I love the Hubs dearly, but his organization style and mine are not the same. I've battled this cap problem for several years. I've bought more cap organizers than I care to count but nothing has worked so I had to create my own solution.

Since we enter the house through the laundry room, that's usually where caps end up....mostly looking like this....

And this....

The first organizer I bought was an over the door hook like system. You had to pull each hook out and attach each cap to it. That took way too much time and effort for the Hubs so I went to the next option. Organizer #2 had clear pockets and I thought would be an easy way for him to stick each cap in its own pocket....not so much...

The pockets were so small that in order to make the cap fit, it had to be folded to fit in. And, when you get one cap in, usually the cap below fell out....FAIL!

So, after researching other organizers for way too long, I decided to come up with my own solution...but what would that be? Enter the Command Hook! One of my favorite products on the market right now (and Command did not pay me to say that!) I think I have found a use for Command hooks in every room of the house.

After sweet talking Hubs into going through his collection and weeding out the caps he doesn't really wear, I then bought enough Command hooks to hold each cap. I placed them on the back of the laundry room door and Voila...perfect cap storage!

Hubs can now see his whole collection, pick the perfect cap for the day and then EASILY put it back in its spot when he comes home! There's even an extra space to add to the collection. After that, it's "one in-one out". He's not quite as giddy as I am about cap organization, but he does oblige my OCD and keep his caps in their neat little home. :)

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