Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Baby Steps: T-Shirt Drawer Oganization

Hubs is a t-shirt guy…he has quite an impressive collection and wears t-shirts about every day. He does a good job at keeping the collection weeded out and getting rid of old ones when he brings new ones in. However, for a while, the t-shirt drawer remained in a state of chaos….

Every time we did laundry and put the t-shirts away, we would straighten everything back up into neat stacks.

But, the next day when Hubs pulled out a t-shirt on the bottom of the pile, the pile would topple like this and the vicious cycle of chaos continued…

I finally had a light bulb moment to help keep the chaos under control. I started folding the t-shirts an extra fold and putting in the drawer like files…no stacks to topple!

Now, Hubs can see the whole collection, choose the perfect shirt, and pull it out without touching the other shirts, in turn, keeping the drawer neat and organized! Ahh...organized bliss... :)

1 comment:

  1. I just did this! I love it! My girls immediately went and did theirs when they saw mine! It even gave me an extra row of space! Thanks for sharing!