Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Baby Steps: Trash on the Go

Trash…yep that’s the title. I go MIA on the blog for a few weeks and come back with trash. Maybe this heat is getting to me.
Anyway…I’ve noticed that the busier our lives get, the more trash I find accumulating in our vehicles. Maybe that’s a sign we spend too much time in the car. Last week I emptied a full cup holder of straw papers, receipts, expired coupons and other paper that has accumulated. And yes, I said cup holder. That’s where I tend to stick trash – better there than the floor I guess!
I decided that there needed to be a better system for my car. What would ride without spilling and be easy to empty? Enter the $1.00 plastic cup. It fits perfectly into the cup holder and is easy to pull out and empty. So I can continue to gather trash in it and easily dump it when full!

So a cup works for me on a daily basis but what about on longer road trips? There are times I need to coral more than just receipts and straw papers. Of course, I don’t let my car become a dumping ground but sometimes you need a larger container.
I recently repurposed an empty wipes container into a trash bag holder for the car. I cleaned it out and filled it with some small trash bags so they pull out easily. You could also fill it with grocery bags.

And, since I can’t leave well enough along, I decided that I couldn’t live with a boring white container. So to dress it up, I covered it with some leftover adhesive ribbon from another project.

Now, I have a couple of easy systems set up to keep my car trash fee! I wish every clutter problem could be solved that easily!
What clutter solutions do you use in your vehicle? Share your ideas by leaving a comment below. What works for you might work for another reader!

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